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Our approach

We are the only firm to offer fractional CMOs paired with best-in-class digital marketing execution.

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A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer is an experienced C-level executive retained on a part-time basis at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CMO.

A fractional CMO (or Chief Growth Officer) is an embedded member of your team, immersing themselves in your business and providing a comprehensive growth strategy as well as overseeing execution with your internal or outsourced resources.

What Is a CMO
Executive-level leadership
Embedded in your team
Hands-on approach
why hire a fractional cmo


Does your startup have lots of tactics but no strategy and are therefore not achieving the results you expect?

Grwth.co’s fractional CMOs can change that.

An experienced operator aims to understand your business holistically, will generate the appropriate strategy, and oversee the execution, leading to measurable success.

Quick to ramp up
Lower cost
Strategy + Execution


A fractional CMO can provide value at every stage of your startup’s growth.

That’s why grwth.co has a tiered offering depending on your startup stage.

Ready to scale
Tactics aren't working
Too early for full-time CMO

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Our approach: 

Each vertical requires a different focus but our general approach is rooted in two things:

  • Understanding and optimizing the buying funnel.
  • Taking a data-driven test-and-learn approach to continuous optimization.

Our operating philosophy is to teach our clients to fish  rather than to be relied upon as the long term purveyor of fish. grwth.co engagements leave you with the strategy, systems, processes and people to continue to scale your company’s growth.

About Us:

The grwth.co team is comprised of senior executives and experienced operators from top companies in their respective industries.

Mosheh Poltorak

Mosheh Poltorak - Founder, Chief Growth Partner

Mosheh is a growth consultant, advisor, and fractional-CMO to early-stage startups. His specialty is at the intersection of marketing and product, and the overlap between data and customer experience. Mosheh has successfully deployed these strategies for companies big and small, across B2B and B2C industries. He has served as CMO for a number of startups in healthcare, technology, and eCommerce verticals. 

The Team:

Devan Pearce — Sr. Growth Partner (PPC)

Devan Pearce
Sr. Growth Partner

Andrew Miller — Sr. Growth Partner (Strategy)

Andrew Miller
Sr. Growth Partner

Mike Dowhan

Mike Dowhan 
Sr. Growth Partner (Sales)

Shruti Sahu - Growth Partner PPC

Shruti Sahu 
Growth Partner (PPC)

Patrick Wareing - Growth Partner (SEO)

Patrick Wareing
Growth Partner (SEO)

Diogo Fraga — Jr. Growth Partner (SEO)

Diogo Fraga 
Jr. Growth Partner (SEO)


Daniel Cotlar

Daniel Cotlar

Investor, Advisor, and Director at multiple venture-backed companies.  Former CMO and CEO. 

Eli Schwarz

Eli Schwarz

Growth Advisor and Consultant. Best-selling author of Product-Led SEO.

What our Clients Say:

Sam Shepler

Sam Shepler

Testimonial hero - founder, ceo

If you’re looking for a fractional CMO that is both creative from a messaging/strategy perspective as well as highly analytical — and is also not afraid to roll his sleeves up — I highly recommend working with grwth.co.

Mosheh Hecht

Moshe Hecht

stealth startup - FOUNDER

Grwth.co has been invaluable in helping clarify business and product strategy, and with fundraising.

I couldn’t recommend them enough!

Bette Parolini

Bette Parolini - founder, ceo 

Mosheh is an efficient, data-driven marketer. He’s just as proficient at digging into the nitty gritty details as he is at executing on a broader business strategy. He has been a valuable addition to our team. 

Our offering :

Designed for your growth needs at every stage of your business.


Perfect for seed-stage startups who are looking for strategic help with solving product-market fit, and positioning themselves for growth.


Catering to Series-A startups who are ready to build an engine for scaling across multiple marketing channels and strategic initiatives.


Perfect for the founder who just needs an experienced marketer to bounce ideas off of and provide some strategic direction.

Our pricing aligns with your growth objectives

How To Get Started


1. Schedule introductory call

Learning about your business and growth needs.

2. CMO pairing

Matching the perfect partner for your business.

3. Strategy deep dive

Understanding your business and building the strategy.

4. Execution

Implementing tactics to scale up your growth.

Marketing Services: 

  • Customer acquisition and lead-gen
  • Content strategy and organic growth
  • Funnel development and optimization
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer retention and churn prevention

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